Cinnamon Twist

So you have made pies and you have some crust left over. What do you do with it? Make these mini-cinnamon rolls. It’s a perfect task to get kids in on while you are making the holiday meal or busy making pies.

Cinnamon Twist

Roll out left-over pie crust and shape a sort of rectangle, if you can manage. No perfection needed.

Spread with butter. Cover with brown sugar. Liberally sprinkle with cinnamon & all spice or cardemon & ginger or pumpkin pie spice or even a mix of all.Chopped nuts are nice too.

Roll up like a cinnamon roll form into a horse shoe or circle shape depending on size.

Place on greased or non stick baking sheet and and bake until golden brown. Let cool before eating this one or you will definitely burn your mouth.

Cut into 1 ” pieces to serve. This unfortunately doe not travel well if precut. If you are planning to share this, bring it in the biggest chunks possible.

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