Brunello Di Montalicino, 2003

I’m going to try something new… I hope you don’t mind. It not a new recipe, but wine.

I absolutely LOVE wine. I love trying new wines from low cost to expensive when the paycheck or occasion will allow. I know only about what my body teaches me from the wine. The smell, the color, the feel of it in my mouth, and most of all the taste. I’ve never taken so much as a weekend course so I hope you will allow me to speak from my senses and not my knowledge on this one.

My good/great/amazing friend Susan really is my partner in crime in so many things but in music, food and wine she is truly is my soulmate. There is nothing that I love more than spending time with Sue, a picnic blanket, some fruit, cheese,  nuts, maybe some chocolate and of course…wine.

For my most recent birthday she really brought me an amazing surprise, yes it was wine but that is not the point. Susan has a love affair with Italy and whisks me away with her travels there. She made me fall head over heels with Chianti and I never looked back. She made me fall in love with a Vinery called Frescobaldi when she introduced me to Nipozzano ($27), to which I replied Castiglioni ($18) and then she whomps me with BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO, 2003.

The Nitty Gritty

NSLC Tasting Notes:

A prized red wine with a heady bouquet full of ripe fruit, mint and coffee. The palate is weighty but elegant with life giving acidity and drying tannins in the long finish.
My thoughts:

I really got a strong dried fruit smell when we first cracked it.  It was extremely smooth and lighter than a Chianti. Apparently they use the same grapes but the processing is different. I would highly suggest decanting this wine for 20-30 minutes before drinking.

I didn’t get the mint but it definitely carries an earthy freshness, the wine is quite refreshing for a red. It has depth of plums, but is not sweet and I would wager it’s a very dry wine. It has a lingering finish that is pleasant and on the second day of tasting it becomes much more fruiter and almost juicy.

The NSLC (Nova Scotia Liquor Commission) recommends it would go well with beef, I think it would have been excellent with a mushroom dish or Gorgonzola.


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