Good Dog

Vegetarian meat-assuming products, I definitely like them occasionally and they really can be down right delicious. I think the problem with the idea of them is that they aren’t meat, in most cases they do not resemble or taste exactly like meat.

‘Fake’ meats have improved over the years. They are lower in salt then they used to be, they are more flavorful, there is more options in terms of texture and taste and I’m glad for it.  They are great when you are in a pinch and heading over to a non-veg place for a BBQ, kids often do not notice the Chick’n nuggets or burger varieties. Vegetarian meat look-a-likes are different and they are not for everyone, veg or non-veg. They should also not be consumed on a daily basis due to salt content and at the heart, they are still processed food.

I feel, like vegetables, it’s all about how you cook them that makes them good. It irritates me  a little when people say they do not like vegetables… you mean all of them? Prepared how many ways? If you like a steak do you boil it in water and serve it with out seasonings? No, you would most likely create a marinade or a dry rub and prepare it, sometimes wait hours to then cook it at the perfect temperature for the perfect amount of time and then let it rest. You might also create side dishes that are complementary and crowd pleasing, but your poor vegetables are bought canned or frozen or even fresh and salted and boiled to mush.

I apologize for the molded protein rant but it is leading to something I swear…. like veggie hotdogs (!!) cooked the way I like them. Veggie dogs can be boiled (Caitlin’s choice…weirdo), BBQ’d which they do hold up well when oiled first, orrrr pan fried. Pan frying does it for me cause veggie hotdogs are about 70 calories a ‘dog’ and have very little fat, they need fat, fat tastes goood.

Let’s get it on…

This will vary depending on your taste and diet needs but this is what I used. The condiments are definitely flexible, this is easily veganized but this is how I make my favorite veggie dog.


  • Veggie Dogs ( I used the Yves version in this case, I also love the PC version)
  • bread product ( I prefer whole grain tortillas, but using buns is definitely more authentic)
  • 1 small onion ( more if cooking for more people)
  • 1-2 tbsp oil for frying
  • BBQ Sauce is not optional
  • Cheese, greens, mustard, mayo, hot sauce, ketchup and other condiments are dependent on taste


These cook up fast usually about 5 minutes so make sure everything is ready to assemble before frying.

Cut onions in half moons. TIP > Cut the ends off the onion, stand on one end and cut onion in half. Remove the skin from both sides and lay onion flat on the cut side. Cut in slices that resemble half moons, you can also cut rings.

Heat frying pan with oil to a little over medium, about the same temperature that you would fry an egg on.  Add veggie dogs and onions at the same time.

Remember to turn veggie dogs to cook each side they are rounded rectangular logs so they have 4 sides. Saute onions and when you have done two side to the veggie dogs add about 1 tsp of BBQ sauce ontop of the onions and mix. The sugars in the BBQ sauce this will cook down quickly, if you are finding it’s burning take onions out and set aside. You should be able to flip you veggie dogs to the 3rd side now although you may need to add a touch more oil at this point.

If you are using buns or bread now would be a good time to toast them or get them ready. I like tortillas as mentioned, so you have to heat them up. If you do not have a lot of room in your pan, just lay them on top of the veggie dogs. It will steam the tortillas, but remember to flip once. I like mine a little toasted and I usually am able to press them and rotate them in the pan as I go.

At this point you have turned the dogs onto the last side and everything is ready to assemble. Shut off the heat and transfer the pan to a different burner. Grab you choice of bread and top with cheese then onions, choice of condiments then veggie dogs and greens … Voila! You just made yourself a killer lunch.


Tell me what you think!

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