Remole Toscana 2009

This wine is the color of garnet and very easy to drink it’s about $16 a bottle and surprise, surprise another Frescobaldi. This one like the others is truly beautiful but distinctly different. It’s got a little Cabernet which I usually am not a fan but it really brings a lighter feel to the sangoveise.  It’s got a mild tannic finish, slightly peppery, dry, smooth and fruity.

I’ve drank a lot of wine and I really couldn’t pin down a paring for it that really stood out. I had a glass one night by itself and it really was easy to drink. The next night I had some with a medium gouda and veggie poutine. The creaminess was cut by the wine’s acidity and the saltiness of the fries and mushroom gravy was softened by the wine. I even found the strong taste of peanut butter also complemented, it is true to it’s name when it comes to versatility.

Tasting notes from Frescobaldi’s website.

‘A rich, luminous ruby of appealing depth announces an equally complex nose, which reveals multi-faceted aromas of red and dark fruit, such as dried plum, blackberry, cassis and redcurrant, lifted by spicier impressions of black pepper and liquorice. The entry is velvety and warm, and the components on the palate are well balanced, with a tasty vein of acidity. Aromatic fruit returns to grace a lengthy finish.
Technical Information

Variety: Sangiovese 85%, Cabernet Sauvignon 15%’


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