Torres Coronas 2009

Spanish flair, I love Temparillo mixes. This wine is deep dark plum in color and heavy in character.The Temparillo makes it smooth while cab sauv gives it clairty and lightens the load. It’s a very smooth, it’s a go down easy wine that has a nice lasting finish. It’s very dry, so not a super fruity wine but it definitely carried a deep dark ripe fruit character. I didn’t find it spicy so much as a little oaky but in a good way. I paired it with a firm goat cheese flavoured with Piri Piri and a medium gouda and sweet wheat crackers. The wine would be complemented with any Spanish flavors. I imagine green olives and warm flat bread and maybe a dessert with dulce de leche would be amazing.

NSLC Tasting Notes:A classic Spanish wine with very ripe berry fruit flavours with some smoky and spicy oak character. This Tempranillo based wine is a great pairing to rustic Spanish cuisine.Pairings:PORK BEEF PASTAThe bottle itself advise a green coffee bouquet which I think attributed to it’s smoothness and fresh but weighty taste.


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