Riscal Tempranillo 2007

Tempranillo grapes are Spanish natives and delicious. I  have recently become a tad bit obsessed with trying many temparnillo wines including different blends. I’m not usually a fan of blends but the grape lends itself well to it as it never seems too overpower the other varieties only complement. I was in the liquor store last week and spotted a 2007 Riscal Tempranillo for $14.99 so I needed to try it. I find this wine very smooth, and dry and for lack of a better descriptor, laid back. The red plum color is complemented a red plum fruit flavor with added tartness which reminds me of plum skins. It’s easy drinking and stands well without a food accompaniment. However if I dared to suggest a pairing, goat cheese and  some sweet fruit perseveres would match it well with crusty bread.

NSLC Tasting Notes:Taste how modern Spanish wine can be. This red wine with smokey oak character on the nose loaded with dark berry flavour. The palate has a smooth texture with caramel oak flavour and a slight tang on the finish.



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