Campo Viejo Crianza 2006 and a little News!

Heyyy guys!

I am doing a small change of pace today, yes I’m posting another wine review but I’m also going to let you know about a online blogging community which is just taking off and I am now officially a part of. It’s called Bluebell Books and I’ve been asked to provide food posts to contribute to their online community which is mostly focused on poetry and writing. I hope you check them out as there are many talented bloggers involved. My first contribution will be submitted on this Friday and I have a great recipe for this rainy weather. Now back to the wine!

Campo Viejo Crianza is a Spanish wine made completely from the Tempranillo grape. I know I’ve been doing a lot of reviews on this grape lately but I assure you it’s not coincidence and it truly speaks to it’s versatility.  I loved this vintage it was very fruity and dry which rarely happens. I did not find it spicy, or oaky in comparison it was incredibly smooth and soft feel in the mouth. Right now it is on sale at the NSLC for $16.99, they also sell the Reserva (in the orange bottle) which runs for $22.49. I have tried both and I find I like the Crianza more as it’s not as earthy, but I cannot say I did not enjoy it. I would suggest checking out the Camp Viejo website as it’s well done and is easy to navigate if you would like more information on their wines. As far as I have seen you can get the majority of them in Nova Scotia which is exciting.

NSLC Tasting Notes:

The softest tannins and a depth of fruit that is unmatched in this price range. Affordable elegance that can transform any day into a special occasion.

Pairings: BEEF PASTA


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