Lamberti Mer Sangiovese 2008

Oh man I liked this wine. I’ve not tried a Merlot in a long time but this may sway me back. Dry, tart Sangiovese (the grape of Chianti’s) blended with a jammy merlot for $13.99 a bottle you cannot go wrong. This wine was smooth and fruity, tasted of cherries and plum and slightly oaky. It did taste better after it had some time to air out so decanting would improve the flavor. I think it may be  time to try some French merlots and I’m very open to any suggestions you may have. I didn’t get any sort of violets but this wine smelled fantastic right out of the bottle. This was a good wine to enjoy on it’s own but if you were to pair it I think eggplant Parmesan would fit the bill. Sauteed or grilled veggies like aparagus, eggplant and zucchini mixed with some bocconcini and generous amounts of  olive oil  would be grand as well.

NSLC Tasting Notes:

Tuscan wines are often blends of Sangiovese and classic French grapes such as Merlot. In this case, Merlot provides the wine rich fruit character while Sangiovese provides tart drying acidity. Sense for aromas and flavours of jam and violets.




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