It’s Pic-nic Time!

 I’m sorry I’ve been slacking in the posts department but we are finally getting some beautiful weather and my boyfriends birthday is literally tomorrow. While I still have a lot I need to do, I really wanted to you to know I haven’t forgot about anyone or forgot how to cook. I’ll be back soon with more recipes and wine tastings I promise, but does it seem like it’s everyone’s birthday lately?  Cause that is where I have been, celebrating some darn good peoples anniversaries of their birthing and while it’s been fun I’m turning into a blog-slacker.


It’s finally feeling a little more summerish and I just went on my first pic-nic of the year last Sunday. I think you should all plan at least one pic-nic this summer. It’s cheap and easy and honestly so much fun. Sue and I always keep it simple. We go the the wine store and select a nice wine then go get food to accompany. We always include bread, cheese fruit and something sweet. Sometimes we bring stuff we have made from home, but most of the time its just simple good food, a corkscrew, some wine, a blanket, a plate and some napkins and a knife. Really the only other thing you need is good weather and good friends. 

Here’s some recipes you may want to take on your summer adventure:

Salads are a good option cause they are portable fresh and summery. Pasta and Potato salads are always yummy but in the summer swelter I really love grain salads like tabouli or Quinoa Salad.


A lot of the time I just bring cut up veggies some pita and some home made dips. Dips are easy to make quickly and transport. I usually bring some sort of a bean dip such as Hummus but another one of my favs is Dill Dip just make sure you have a cooler.


If you are planning ahead and want to bake do something easy to transport like Blueberry or Banana MuffinsVegan BrowniesCorn Bread or for the sweet tooth, Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal cookies.


Let me know what your favorite veggie friendly picnic foods are and if you have any tips or traditions! Happy Munching!


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