Santa Margherita Versato Merlot 2008

To celebrate the first pic-nic of the year I wanted to pick up a special wine. Sue and I were in a French mood but I seriously couldn’t find a straight up Merlot, just Cab Blends. I wasn’t impressed, what is more French then Merlot? or have I been decieved?

Either way I was not disappointed and found a nice Italian Merlot to accompany our French themed pic-nic. We bought brie and fresh raspberries. We had Parisian baguette with strawberries, dark chocolate sauce and biscuits similar to Le Petit Ecolier.

The wine seemed a little bready at first but still very bright plum flavors. It had nice tannins, a medium body and seemed to have a slight note of cedar although that could be me interpreting the dryness. I really did like this wine and it’s been a long while since I’ve had just a straight up Merlot. The 2008 cost me $21.49 at the NSLC.

NSLC Tasting Notes:

Brilliant purple/red with a full nose of cherry and plum tinged with vanilla and violets. Fresh, dry and slightly tannic balanced with a velvety character. Enjoy with pasta and rice dishes, roasted meats and aged cheese.

Pairings: BEEF PASTA

Visit Santa Margherita website at below are their tasting notes.

Tasting notes

The wine has a bright, deep ruby red color, which is almost purple when young. Its bouquet is broad and persistent, fine and elegant, with hints of ripe cherries and plums against a background of vanilla and violets. On the palate, it is dry, well-balanced, velvety and fullbodied, with tannins that are well integrated with the wine’s appealing freshness.

Serving suggestions

It goes very well with pasta dishes with strongly flavored sauces, roast red meats or mature cheeses.


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