Have left over/stale bread like I do?? Make some croutons it’s super easy-peesy.

Turn the oven on to 350. Cut bread into 1/2″ slices then cut those slices into cubes.


Oil a baking dish and add the bread chunks to a large mixing bowl. Add a few tbsp of olive oil, depending on how much bread you are using. They shouldn’t feel oily and it’s ok if not all the pieces are coated the same. Season with salt to taste (go easy on it cause you usually add croutons to soups or salads which contain salt), garlic powder and dried herbs such as rosemary or italian seasoning blend. You will need about a 1tbsp of each of the herbs/spices if you are making approximately 1/2 a loaf of bread’s worth of croutons.

Place croutons on the pan so there is just one layer and space in between the bread. Toast for about 5 minutes before turning. Depending on how dark you like them it may take about 12 minutes for each batch. Cool on some parchment paper stretched out on your counter until they are cool then transfer them to a freezer bag. They should keep in a cool dry place up to a week.


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