July is BBQ Season!

When we had a few days off due to AJ’s B Day a few weeks back and we did a lot of BBQ’ing. As a vegetarian I often get confronted with the association from meat-eaters that vegetarians don’t like to BBQ. It’s so wrong. I love to BBQ! I love BBQ food and I’m really going to try to experiment  more this summer. With Canada Day JUST passed and Independence Day right around the corner I encourage you to try to go meatless, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

So what does a vegetarian BBQ you may ask? Everything I would say 😉 

Veggies such as potatoes sliced thin and packed in tinfoil with garlic, sliced onions olive oil and loads of pepper and Rosemary. We do corn in and out of the husk. Left over corn on the cob can be made into roasted corn salsa with black beans and fresh tomatoes, garlic, lime and cilantro. Grilled peppers, onion eggplant and zucchini just brushed with some oil and cooked up soft and sweet.


For meat alternatives there is a lot of choice now. A lot of brands make amazing veggie hot dogs my favorite are Blue Menu by PC and Yves Hot & Spicy Chili dogs. There are also tons or burgers, my Tofu Terriakyi burgers would re-heat well on the grill or just clean and oil a portabello mushroom and rub with pesto for a tasty sandwich.

If you want a more beef simulated burger I recommend PC version of Thick and Juicy Portobello Swiss vegetarian burgers although they are not vegan. PC does make other veggies burgers that are vegan as well as Yves, Boco Burgers and Veggie Patch.

You can try making your own veggie sausage and grilling it OR I reccomend trying the Tofurkey Italian Sausage as it’s my favorite but they make many options.

Try making your own tofu kababs or just alternate onion, peppers, and mushrooms. Buy or make flavorful sauces or marinate your tofu overnight or just slather it in the sauce when it comes off the grill.

If you really want to get creative try making pizza’s! Its some thing I haven’t tried yet but I’m so excited to do this summer. I also want to try making tempeh ribs or tofu steaks and vegan bacon made from tempeh with a maple syrup glaze. There are also loads of products out now that turn your BBQ into a smoke house which would be great for experimenting with all soy products.

If you are craving chicken, PC also makes vegan versions of chicken cutlets. They are called the World’s Best Meatless Seasoned Chicken Breasts and I agree. They are great to just grill and layer with smokey sweet BBQ sauce to serve. Great with a salad and potatoes or corn on the cob.

Don’t forget to make your guests some cocktails or wine spritzers or dole out the beer! I recenlty mixed white wine with blue caraco and PC version of San Pellegrino for a tasty wine cocktail. Refreshing and sweet with a nice kick.

For dessert grill some pineapple and serve with caramel sauce and rum over ice cream (or vegan alternative). Soo much to grill soo little time. Let me know what your favorite vegetarian recipe for the BBQ is!

5 thoughts on “July is BBQ Season!

  1. Yay for veggie barbecues! My dad tried out BBQ pizza earlier this summer and it was amazing, apparently the dough is completely different from regular pizza dough… but oh so tasty.

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