Massivo 2007 Nero D’Avola

I found this lovely wine at the at the LC near Pete’s Frootique across from Cucina Moderne. It was a pick based on the label and the fact I’ve never had a Nero D’Avola. At $19.99 this was a steal for a 2007 wine of this quality. Sicily is know for this grape and some compare it to a Shiraz. It definitely is easy to compare with the peppery finish however I liked this wine for the fruitiness despite it’s weighty alcohol content.

This Sicilian wine, it packs a punch at 15% alcohol. It is full bodied while still having a nice black currant flavour. The colour is a deep black cherry with a spicy finish that warms your insides. Serve with a rich a la vodka sauce or grilled pizza, this is one Italian wine I would pare with smokey bold foods and cheeses such as grilled haloumi but hold the spice or you’ll ruin your palette. I will definitely be buying this again!


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