Happy Thanksgiving Weekend – Montecillo Crianza 2008

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving, technically tomorrow but I work tomorrow so for me and a lot of people it’s today. I know my Mother already has 5 pies done up as it’s her before-the-day tradition to make sure everyone has a pie they like.  My boyfriend is in a lot of pain right now do to some yet to be medically determined back issues, but even pain and discomfort will not keep this boy away from good food. At some point today my family will make an hour long trip just to pick up the two adult non-drivers and drive back at some point tonight. The dogs will be giving wet food today so they don’t feel left out and I’m hoping to bring them down as well, however as AJ just pointed out to me that means Mom’s kitties will be locked away somewhere, missing Turkey.

I hope you are will be enjoying good food and family or friends! I wish that it was a cruelty-free as possible, I myself have a few vegetarians in my family so this year (this morning) I will be trying to make a seitan roll and stuffing and mushroom gravy. I’ll of course be photographing this and letting you know how it turned out. Although it could be a flop, fingers crossed it’s not.

To kick off the celebrations I wanted to add a wine review. Just recently Halifax had a Port of Wines festival, which I keep forgetting about every year and never can make it. I promised myself this year I wouldn’t miss it next year as it’s such a great opportunity to try things I have not or may not get to in future. One of the things that is great about the festival is the local liquor stores get a few cases of newly imported wines and usually they continue to sell a few best sellers through-out the years to follow. As they were advertising the Port of Wines festival they had a display of new wines and this Spanish Crianza was one of them. I picked it up for a few reasons, it’s made by Bodegas Montecillo from Rioja which I have posted about before. I do like their wines a lot they tend to be dry and well balanced. Reason two was the man working at the liquor store I frequent has never recommended something I didn’t like and he was advising that they were selling fast which is why he tried it and if I liked the other Rioja wines I would surely like this one.

I picked up the Montecillo Crianza 2008 for $19.95, it’s a dry and fairly oaky wine with an alcohol content of 13.5%. I’m sure it was beautifully colored however I definitely was drinking at night in low light so I’m not confident on how to describe it’s color. I do remember besides the strong oak presence it was very smooth and had a spicy bite to it. To me it was a good drinking wine but I can imagine salty green olives, warm flat breads and grilled endives may complement it well.

NSLC Tasting Notes:Smoke and tobacco notes frame dried cherry, cranberry and leaf flavors in this beefy red. It’s ripe, with firm underlying tannins.

Again everyone, I hope you enjoy this Holiday weekend no matter where you are and who you are with! Let me know in the comments section about your favorite Thanksgiving traditions and what cruelty-free food is your Thanksgiving favorite!


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