a little Halloween inspiration

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I’m just a little sad I won’t be participating that much this year. Every year I plan out my costume and take about a month getting it together. I plan pre-parties and food items, I decorate the house to the brim and last year even made a costume for my dog. Simply put, it’s kind of my Christmas. Now that is the 20th of October, I’m thinking, where did the time go and what can I do to make this year feel celebrated for myself. 

I’m not a scary movie person, I feign interest in the Truro Hauted Cornmaze. I do dream of apple picking but it’s more Fall related then Halloween. I think I’ll grab some pumpkins to carve, maybe some Pumpkin Ale from Propeller and stay at home and eat Halloween themed food. That sounds nice, and doable.

As for the Halloween food inspiration there is a ton out there! I grabbed a few with links to the website for you viewing pleasure. I hope it brings as much inspiration to you as it does me…YUM!


1 Fine Cookie’s Pumpkin Pie Shots

Skinny Taste’s Meringue Ghosts

Tokyo Terrece’s The Poison Apple Cocktail

Mississippi Kitchen’s Peanut butter Stuffed Caramel Apples

What is you favorite Halloween treat?


Tell me what you think!

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