Fall Love

I’m definitely a summer girl I love the heat, the socializing outside, the fresh produce and the care free attitude. You choose not to wear make up or blow dry your hair and still look presentable. You can opt in to wear loose dresses and take long walks with no particular destination, ahhh summer. Unfortunately it’s over.

It’s cold, and wet and windy outside. Snow (gasp) is actually on it’s way. With that in mind I am excited about baking Christmas cookies, sipping on mulled cider, hot cocoa and deep red wines. I’ve been craving root vegetables and gourds and winter warmer soups such as Caldo Verde, Creamy Broccoli Soup and Tomato Potato Soup . I am shamelessly wanting to eat hearty stews such as Sweet Potato Corn Chowder Vegan Potpie and Mom’s chili. My Fall taste-buds demand spicy filling food and loads of  fresh warm bread straight from the oven. The colder times lead to more cooking/baking/indoor activities period. 

Somewhere in the last two weeks I must have hit a blog hurdle that I was not really aware of hitting. I usually have a few posts done to get me to the weekend then replenish during said weekend to prepare me for the next week (confused yet? I am). I’m not sure exactly what happened or quite frankly didn’t happen that lead to the gap in posts but I have a few clues…..

I’m telling you now I’m getting back on track. I have already made a delicious vegan meal with Sue I will share shortly. I have been drinking plenty of wine and did some photos this morning so I at least have a few posts planned. As for some final thoughts on Fall my plans are to make or find a perfect recipe for olive bread. Revisit the perfect holiday shortbread(mine involves candy canes and cream cheese icing) and come up with some mouthwatering ideas for tofu, seitan, game day snacks and holiday cocktails. Stay tuned!

PS- What’s you favorite Fall Dish?

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