Sterling Vinter’s Cabernet Sauvignion

Double negative time. As a wine drinker I generally am not a fan of Cabernet Savignion (this is slowly changing) annnnnd I’m not usually a fan of Cali wines as they tend to be lighter and less dry. It’s not the grape that is displeasing usually it’s the high oaking it under goes. I like a dry wine, I even really like a very dry wine but I tend not to like a strong oak that masks and doesn’t improve or complement the fruit taste. There is a man at the liquor store under my workplace who is trying to turn me onto Cabs. He suggested Golden Khan 2008 Cab Sauv and I liked it because the fruit shines through and I believe he said it wasn’t oaked. Next he suggested this wine, it is oaked but fruity and dry. The deep plums and blackberry tastes I am accustom to with Chiantis and Shirazs are replaced in this wine with a bright fresh raspberry taste. The slight oak balances out the fruit making it cleansing on the palette, refreshing and a great drinking wine. I really liked this wine, I ended up buying another one just to prove to myself I really did  like, in fact love it.  It’s an excellent buy at $14.99 but I’ve seen it go on sale quite a few times. Check it out, it won’t disappoint.

NSLC Tasting Notes: Sterling makes the perfect dinner party red wines. Lots of crowd pleasing raspberry fruit flavours with enough character to be a great match to rich food.


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