Wakefield Shiraz 2009

Hello smooth operator. This Australian Shiraz from Clare Valley, super smooth wine. It’s the winner of two recent awards, a 2011 blue gold from Sydney International Wine Festival and the Royal Adelaide Wine Show 2010 Silver medalist. I can see why this is a winner, you would never guess the 14.5% alcohol content due to it’s velvet texture on the palate.

The wine bottle advises of it’s creaminess which I totally get. I can understand where the mocha taste comes from but I did not find this wine spicy as most Shiraz so I was a little bit disappointed due to the fact it’s getting cold and I wanted a super spicy wine. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like it though. It was jammy and fruit filled mostly plummy flavors. It’s a good buy at $17.99 and even had a note on the bottle that it has cellar potential of 5-8 years. I think I might buy another one of these to put away for my 30th or 35th birthday event.

NSLC Tasting Notes: A super-spicy red that will heat up any occasion.


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