In Remeberence

I had some hard news last weekend. My father had passed away. Normally I don’t like to use my blog to express my personal issues however in this case I feel it’s appropriate. My father is one of the huge reasons I love cooking and food as much as I do. He was a fantastic cook, as is my mother, so I was always surrounded with inspiration and delicious food. My father didn’t express himself well but I believed he showed his love through cooking for people and feeding them well.

Most of my fond memories of my father revolve around food. My mother used to say he could make something out of nothing and it was true. He loved anything rich in cream and fat and flavour which is in essence every kids dream. Whenever we went out to eat, he would always complain he could have done a better job and the truth was he probably could have. He instilled in me an obsession with real mayo, cream and butter. While most of the food I remember him cooking was not vegetarian he taught me to be creative in the kitchen. For example I remember him making a beef stew with peas and carrots and pouring it over homemade french fries, this was before poutine hit the Maritimes if you can imagine.

I remember on my visits to him in Massachusetts he loved a particular Italian sub shop where everything was homemade, including the bread and the mayo. I also remember him waking up early and taking me to a Portuguese bakery to get the freshest breads and sticky sweets. Whenever my sisters and I would visit one of the first things we would do is go to the grocery store and he would fill up on everything decadent. I don’t know if I expressed this before but due to my parents finesse in the kitchen and love of food I was a fat kid. 

My father was milk obsessed. He would drink it until it made him sick which I cannot do. Ice cream was another huge one, he used to go on and on about hot fudge sauce, and how much he loved sundaes and frappes(milkshakes). One thing I never caught on to was his love of Limburger cheese, it smells like arse and tastes just as bad. 

Where ever he is I hope he is smiling, listening to Cat Stevens, having a drink and eating some damn good food. 


10 thoughts on “In Remeberence

  1. You have described a wonderful man. Someone I am sure I could’ve had a lively conversation with about food while swapping recipes. No wonder you’re are as full of life as you are you had an amzing example to follow. I’m very sorry to hear about your loss Amy. You need anything you call.

  2. Amy that was fantastic, it brought back some really great memories and it is sooooo true. The frappes……lol and the icecream with hot pudding poured over it and of course the french fries with gravy, omg. He was a fantastic cook and you certainley did get alot of your kitchen creativity through him. Thank you for your tribute, no matter what happened he did have a deep love for his kids and he would be proud to see this.

    Love Carrie xo

  3. Amy you captured who he truly was, he was always cooking up a storm and making a huge mess in the kitchen 🙂 But the end result was a fantastic meal and some laughs. Hope to see you some day soon, I will start looking for the photos from when we went to upstate the last time together – you, Carrie and Ivy. Great memories as I remember us 3 kids trying the Limburger Cheese and spiting it allover Gary and Dee’s house 😉 I too don’t understand the appeal of that cheese ha ha

  4. You girls don’t remember me but your dad & I were friends for 40 years. I have lost my best friend in the whole world.It is so hard for me not to pick up the phone & call him. I am so lost without him. We had such great times together just as close friends & we were there for each other no matter what. We would go to the end of the earth for each other. He was so tough so many close calls in life. I worried about him all the time cause when he went to NY I didn’t see him as often. But we always kept in touch right to the end. I know he’s not suffering anymore and we will meet again someday in heaven, he will be waiting for me at the gate. Gail Roberts

    • I’m just reading your post now Gail for some reason. I hope you are doing ok Gail, I know dad cared for you very much! He always mentioned your name, you were a great friend and he appreciated your friendship! I pray everyday that he is at peace and that we will all meet up someday and I can see his smile and here his laugh again.

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