Gancia Prosecco DOC

It’s the Holiday season and you should treat yourself to some bubbly. I tend to like quite dry sparkling wines and this fits the bill. It’s crisp and clean with a swift and dry aftertaste. I think it’s labelled as ‘brut’ which to my knowledge is as dry as a sparkling wine can get. It’s not a very fruity wine but it would be good as a palette cleanser before or during a meal.  It’s Italian in origin, and is $15.99 a bottle.

This winery seems to only make sparkling wine and has a nice website if you are so inclined. I’ve actually made a mixed drink with this wine as well as enjoyed it on it’s own. It’s a great occasion wine, try some before your next holiday party! 

I should note because I’ve brought this to peoples homes I don’t ask for the bottle back to take blog pictures so I’ve resorted to stealing the image from the

NSLC Tasting Notes: Add a little Italian chic to your next soiree with this delicately flavoured, slightly effervescent sparkling wine.


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