This year I have no clue where December went. I’m not finished shopping, I haven’t done Christmas baking, I have nothing wrapped or handmade (yet!). I just am not prepared. 

Last year my Mother was away for Christmas and this year I can’t make it home. I think I was starting to pretend like it just wasn’t going to happen, that the Holidays were just going to pause long enough for me to catch a breath. Unfortunately they are still rolling on by and I’m scurrying behind.

So this year I reminisce… my favorite thing about Christmas is baking and cooking with my Mom. Having drinks and rich foods with my family and sharing laughs over the kids trying to stay up to see Santa. One of Mom and my Christmas traditions is making doughnuts, and Christmas baking a few days before. My Mother puts in a tremendous amount of work to make everyone’s Christmas food whim a reality. Christmas Eve is a night of coctails or wine for the adults and hot cocoa for the kids. We stay up late wrapping any straggling presents while eating cookies, nuts and nacho dip with corn chips.

On Christmas Day, after presents, we usually snack on candy and oranges found in our sock but if breakfast is requested it’s usually pancakes and homemade pancake sauce. Mom and I traditionally do all the cooking on Christmas Day and any pies we haven’t finished the night before we finish up early more. Dave’s favorite is homemade butterscotch pie, although its typical to have 5 types at the table including lemon, chocolate, pumpkin and cherry. Since we are a half and half family (omnivores and herbivores) Mom prepares a turkey and I get a tofu-turkey or seitan roll  with stuffing on the go.  A long day is rewarded with a special meal and usually we disperse with leftovers.

Where ever you are this year, I hope you make your holiday special! From my small family to yours!


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