Weekend Woozies

Last weekend had been go go go. Really though. My Mother came down for wine and Chinese food on Friday night. It was during an unexpected(mostly by me) snowstorm which I got stuck in for the better part of an hour and ended up falling multiple times in heels.

Fall one was inside on the way to the bus someone had spilled coffee on the stairs leading to the pedway. I was specifically trying to cross the pedway to avoid falling outside in the ice and snow en-route to my bus.

The bus, once I hobbled over to it, denied me getting on because there were too many passengers due to the storm. I decided then to take another bus in line which meant I would have to walk part way home in heels (about 4 blocks at best).

We literally got around the corner and up the hill and waited for about 20 minutes or more. I was at the front of this bus so I asked the driver if he let me off would the other driver of the other bus which was approximately 20 feet away now let me on.  The driver told me that he would have to, if I could reach it to the bus stop in time. The light was red and even though the bus had just emptied about 35 people I risked being denied again.  The traffic light turned green but we still didn’t move so my bus driver advised if anyone was able bodied they should get out and walk now because we were going nowhere fast. Did I mention I was standing in heels after a long day of work and that my Mother had bought us wine and asked if I could cart it home? She drove of course, a few hours earlier to my house and was waiting for me. I may have thought about this a few times on my way home.

Fall number two happened when I decided I was going to try to run for the bus ahead of me because I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk even those four blocks home.  I got off the bus and tried to take one step, bam, down.  I pulled my shoulder as my heavy bag came swinging to the front. I picked myself up, a bunch of people asked me if I was ok, and bam, fall number three. I was not ok because I didn’t even try to walk anywhere that time! 

A man, who I will now only remember as the sweetest man to ever live in the north-end literally picked me up. As I told him I was probably going to miss my bus that I was just now trying to run to when getting off my last bus. He quickly hooked arms with me and started to run. This man was not small, or light on his feet but he got me there, just in time. I couldn’t help but laugh and I thanked him, I made it. There was barley room and I still waited 20 more minutes to get home, but I made it.

Chinese food was ordered way before I came home, AJ ordered me Shanghai noodles which is spicy, greasy and carby. They forgot my spring roll but they delivered us food so I didn’t bother saying a thing to them.

The next day Mom and I were up at the crack to go to the market. I spent way too much there but got some nice soap, loads of bread including an olive feta roll from my favorite bakery which I made have devoured like it was meant for one person. Mom got some wine, a really nice Chardonnay from the Valley which she said she was going to share with me at a later time(wink, wink).

 Needless to say with all this running around,  I’m sick, flu sick, it sucks. Luckily early Sunday morning I had made it over to PodCamp Halifax Social Media Un-Conference hosted at Alderney Landing in Dartmouth before it hit me completely and I was able to enjoy the better part of the morning before heading home.


I just want to say a big thank-you to the organizers as they did a great job and boy was I excited when I saw Two If by Sea and Just us catered the food and beverages of the morning. Even though I had already had a small breakfast of market bread and avocado slices it was nice to find treats like rain-forest crackers and cheese, pastries and green tea, coffee, granola bars, muffins…I could go on.

I went to two seminars. The first being The Joys of Disruption given by Rob MacArthur who was a delight and also very inspiring. The second was a WordPress Workshop by Brad Touesnard which was very informative but could have been an all day event because there was too much to cover. I was getting very sick by then so I ventured away for a bit to get fresh air and cough drops. Since I had ordered lunch from Local Source I met back up with Rebecca and Josh to have lunch then headed home. 

Unfortunately I’ve been so sick all week I’ve not been able to cook anything so I leave you with photos of my lunch… you can thank Local Source.



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