Game Day Nosh

It’s SuperBowl weekend and my Pats are playin’! They will also be winning!

To cheer them on I’m making some snacks and having some drinks with some pretty great people.

I have a few plans in mind and hopefully a few new recipes will pop up over the next week but for some inspiration may I suggest some of these recipes I’ve cooked up in the last year or so?

Try a new dip like my Dill Dip or change up an old favorite by trying Fire-Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.


Maybe you are feeling carbs, make some home made pretzels to go with your beer, be sure to serve with mustard! Or try your hand at these super yummy garlic knots.


Satisfy your potato craving with my spicy potato wedges. Serve them with sour cream or garlic aoli, or even load them up with toppings for a change from nachos.

Want a healthier options but sick of veggie and fruit trays? Try some satisfying chili and serve with corn bread!

To finish off make sure to make my Salty-Sweet Caramel Pretzel Bars or Cookie Dough Cheesecake squares.


Happy Munching and GO PATRIOTS!!


2 thoughts on “Game Day Nosh

  1. Ohhhh my.. The treats.. the peanutbuttery chocolate thing looks heavenly as well as the pretzels and to be fair.. everything. Awesome job, Amy!

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