The Academy Awards

I really like having Oscar parties but I find they run too late and they are always on the laziest day of the week. I do love the excuse to have some fun competition with friends over food and drinks, and really guys, it’s the one time of year I don’t feel like a total  lame-o when I gossip about celebrities.  I’m not even going to pretend for a moment that I watched any of the ‘important movies’ for this event but I also am not going to pretend that the red carpet isn’t the best part. Whether you are just watching the Oscar solo, with your partner or if you are actually having an Oscar party tonight, I have a few suggestions:

  1. Download the Oscar App/Go to My Pick’s or print the list from and make your Oscar picks before or during the red carpet with your friends. It will spark up good conversation and whoever wins will officially get bragging rights as you tally the scores during the show.
  2. Make a fun cocktail, I thought this Champagne Dreams and The George Clooney looked fabulous.
  3. If a lull in conversation rears it’s ugly head, talk about Wolfgang Puck and this campy menu.
  4. Make or at least eat some sort of popped corn. Fancify it with some truffle salt like this blogger did or if you are up for a challenge try this amazing looking caramel corn.
  5. If you are drinking a nice red wine or a port you should definitely make these Blue Cheese Crisps!
Most of all enjoy the movies and the fashions and don’t feel guilty about the silliness of it all, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Tell me what you think!

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