Leap Day

Well this is a first…Happy Leap Day!

I would be lying if I said I have ever said that phrase, in fact I am sure I have no clue the last time I even realized it was Leap Day. While I do not have a normal recipe or wine post on the go at the moment I felt I still needed to post something. This only happens every 4 years you know and it’s the first Leap Day for my blog.

So let’s start with the things I know about Leap Day:

It happens every 4 years because we loose 6 hours per year on our 365 day calendar.

  • This I imagine sucks for kids who are born on this day however it’s probably a nice joke as they get older

There is a fun tradition about surrounding Leap Day, wherein women can propose to men on that day.

  • I may have watched a really bad but cute movie about this tradition.
  • I also may feel like this tradition is a bit dated and women should be able to propose to whomever and whichever day they seem fit if that is something they want to do.

The sitcom 30 Rock may have just made me think of Leap Day in a totally different way. If you don’t know what 30 Rock is click here.

  • I may have thought of hyper-linking a horrible site above, just now. I didn’t, I assure you it is a wiki link.

AND this is what I think should happen on Leap Day:

  • People born on this day should get quadruple the celebration on the year they can actual celebrate their Birthday on the actual day they were born, it’s only right.
  • If you are not currently a vegetarian you should try something vegetarian, you may be surprised.
  • If you are a vegetarian you should be able to eat whatever you want this day as it really is questionable to whether eating things on Leap Day count towards your calorie allowance as they really only are observed every 4 years.
  • Take a leap of faith, whether it’s food, friends, family, relationships. Just try something new.

Finally, because this really is a food blog (and it’s not April Fools) I need to say something about food. Lee and I both had a pretty amazing lunch at The Wooden Monkey yesterday.

I ordered the Seitan Donair.

Now if you have never been to the Maritime’s you probably don’t even know what a donair is if you are curious it’s a meat-based food similar to a gyros but with a sweet garlic sauce and usually served with mozzarella on top. My mother has made some pretty amazing veggie donairs for me in the past but is the first time I have seen it listed on the menu.

If you are in Halifax check it out! Also their Apple salad, also pictured in the photo, is the bomb-diggity!

One thought on “Leap Day

  1. Hey Amy,
    That really does look good!! On another note, your Grandmother and Grandfather were married on February 29/32, they would have been married for 80 years, well no I guess 20!!!

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