Adventures in Dehydrating

I’m new to this dehydration thing, I’m in the experimental and likely to fail phase of our relationship. That is ok though, I’m learning and I’m liking it. The kale chips I posted earlier turned out really great but I’m not ready to make more,  I need to broaden my horizons otherwise it will be kale chips, day and night.  

I made a few more dehydrator treats last weekend and I have to admit they are mostly for my dogs. 

The great thing about the dehydrator is you can set it and forget it for about 8 hours or more, then you should start to pay attention. While I don’t have any inventive recipes to share with you now, I’d like to show you what I(my dehydrator) did last weekend.

Sweet potato snacks for the dogs were first on the list. These took about 14 hours on 130F. I stopped at hour 12 because I went to bed and when I woke up they started to re-hydrate themselves so I had to dehydrate for about 2 more hours. I cleaned and trimmed the sweet potatoes, cut into 1/3 inch rounds and let dehydrate. The dogs love them!

At the same time, I had some grape tomatoes I wanted to use up so I made dried tomatoes? Why does that sound less appealing then sun-dried tomatoes? Which are probably not ‘sun-dried’ at all.

For these I took 1 pint of grape tomatoes, washed them then sliced them length-wise. I tossed them in a tablespoon of olive olive and sprinkled with garlic salt and cracked black pepper. They took about 8 hours at 130F and were not completely dried. I kept eating them as I was checking for the consistency. They would be great on pizza, pasta or in salads. Not to mention way cheaper and probably healthier for you then the store bought kind.

On Monday I started the banana chips. I took two organic bananas, peeled them and cut them into 1/4 inch rounds. I let them dehydrate for about 8.5 hours on 130F. They turned out nice and crunchy and I’m sure they are delicious if you like banana chips, I however get migraines from them, so I stayed away.

My dehydrator has 5 trays and 1 banana sliced, takes up about 1 tray worth of room.  I only made 2 banana’s worth of chips, which equates to only a cup and a half worth of banana chips.  If you like banana chips, you should make 5 bananas worth. 

My hands look so pink in all my food photos, it’s kind of disturbing… The Pioneer Woman refers to hers as her ‘pink alien fingers/hands’ which I always found funny and horribly true. I guess this is it for this post! Happy dehydrating!


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