Sometimes you need to eat salad for breakfast

Confession one , I ate nachos 3 times this week. Once the nachos were accompanied by a pitcher or Strongbow, once by two pints of beer lastly by a glass of wine.

Confession two, the above statement indicates I also drank  multiple times last week. Even though the way I presented them should prove to you that my drinking has in fact decreased over each incident of nachos.

Confession three, I am getting (deserving-ly) uncomfortable in my clothes.

Solution one, this morning I had salad for breakfast which is not unheard of in my house. It’s actually delicious and light and doesn’t weight you down when you come to my next solution.

Solution two, the dogs are deserving of a huge walk as my trifecta of nachos interrupted our daily walks each time.

Solution three, if you have any similar confessions the recipe for breakfast salad is as follows:

Let’s keep this simple shall we, you don’t need any complications on a Saturday morning, that is what Monday is for.

In my salad there is a 1/4 of vine ripe tomato, half a green onion, a tiny bit of smoked mozzarella and a free-range poached egg. The dressing is 1 tsp of olive oil, with lemon juice, pepper and some poppy seeds.

Prepare the greens and veggies and arrange on a plate. Bring water with a bit of salt and a tsp of apple cider vinegar to a boil on the stove. In a small bowl whisk oil into lemon juice and add pepper and poppy seeds. Poach egg. Pour dressing over greens and veggies, add cheese (optional) and top with egg and more pepper.  Eat this and feel good about yourself!


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