Open-faced Fried Egg Torta

I told myself I was in a breakfast rut. I thought long and hard about how I had two standard breakfasts. One being oatmeal and berries which I usually eat all work week, the other being my weekend egg sandwiches and roasted potatoes. Occasionally, when I get really bored, I’ll have a piece of multi-grain bread toasted with natural peanut butter and if I need a sweet pick me up, some honey and sea salt.

I’ve had some extra time on my hands which I am still trying to adjust to, I try to think of it like a temporary schedule upset. More time at home all the sudden meant more time to think about, and prepare breakfast. The more I thought about my breakfast rut the more I realized over the past weeks I’ve eaten all kinds of things outside my standard oatmeal and eggs. Did I lie to myself? I don’t think,  maybe I just kick started myself into making new breakfasts and my love has been growing. Recently I posted a green smoothie recipe and I’ve been drinking quite of few of them since. Friends of mine that are already green smoothie advocates gave me some great tips such as using avocado, suggesting different fruit and vegetable combinations and using protein powders.  I made a perfect English muffin bread which shook up my carb taste buds and also tried to redeem my bad eating ways with salad for breakfast. Unknown to you all, I also tried to making gluten-free vegan pancakes with coconut flour. Unfortunately they were a huge fail as they just would not hold together. I’m going to do some more research and revisit gluten-free and/or vegan pancakes later. For now I want to give you a breakfast recipe to start your Cinco de Mayo off right also known humorously as Sink-full-of-Mayo. If you want to continue your day with Mexican inspired food, check out my post from last year for more suggestions.

Back to this torta. It’s not complicated, actually it’s barely a recipe. What I’m hoping it will do is inspire you to eat something new for breakfast this weekend. It’s like an incredibly lazy huevos rancheros, literally coming together in 5 minutes or less. Torta is Spanish for sandwich so I made it sound fancy, opened-faced egg sandwich just didn’t have the same ring.

Open-faced Fried Egg Torta

  • tortillas
  • free-range eggs
  • cheddar or montery jack cheese
  • avocado
  • prepared or homemade salsa
  • green onion for garnish


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