Attems Venezia Giulia 2010

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

I hope you all remembered your Momma and are doing something special for her today. If you forgot, I have two things for you. The first is a hilarious but educational video on how you should treat your Mom. It may involve Mr.T, ok it does involve Mr.T but I’m not telling you anymore you’ll have to watch it on YouTube here.

The second thing I want to share with you today is this wine. I haven’t done a wine review in a while but this one deserves one, and your Mom deserves this wine. It’s a white wine, Sauvignon Blanc, from Northern Italy and it’s $24.99 a bottle. You can get it at most NSLC’s but I would check out their website first to make sure they have it  because to my knowledge they recently started carrying it.

A crisp white wine for a Mother’s Day brunch or supper al fresco, I think I may have just solved a few of your problems today. If grumpiness is one, make sure you check out that video, I have you covered.

 Sauvignon Blanc is traditionally a French grape, and I would assume, usually grown in a cooler climate than most traditional Italian wines. They did a great job making a full fruit, clean wine.This wine tastes slightly of grapefruit and does not finish strongly in oak. It has a snappy and refreshing aftertaste. It is dry but seriously drinkable and would pair well with brunch items, eggs, crepes, waffles, salads, fruit and creamy cheeses such as Brie.

I often feel, when I’ve drank other Sauvigon Blancs they have a grassy taste, which I’m usually not a fan of. This wine is definitely not grassy, and while this may sound weird to you, with the wine being so crisp and cold it reminded me of slate. I think what I tasted is what ‘winos’ refer to as having a minerality or tasting a mineral quality to the wine.  Work in process I am. 

Either way I hope you pick up this wine for your Mom or just a special summer day sipper. Go forth and brunch!

NSLC Tasting Notes: This vibrant Sauvignon Blanc displays showy tropical fruit aromatics in combination with a lean body and nervy drying acidity in the finish.


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