Baked Eggs in Raclette Cheese Cups

It’s still spring and I’m still egg crazy. I’m also still salad crazy, and foodgawker crazy; I’m feeling really inspired.

Today I wanted to write about taking a chance, picking up something at the grocery store and turning it into something you haven’t eaten, or seen, or just invented. It’s OK no one is watching, just go with it and have fun.

A few weeks ago I was at the grocery store trying to stick to a budget, and when I am in this mood I usually find and try new things. New and cheap things to shake things up and to make me feel like I’m not eating and making the same thing all the time.

I thought about radishes, they are beautiful, crisp and Springy and a little over $1 but I decided they were for another day. I almost picked up beets which I do like when prepared well but I shied away, now I can’t stop thinking up recipes with beets, so that might be my next adventure, be prepared.

I went to the deli section, which I generally avoid, but found a great sale on Raclette cheese. If you do not know what Raclette cheese is, it’s a firm cheese that has a high melting temperature, which makes it awesome to fry or grill. It’s salty, and high in fat and all out indulgent. It’s popular in Europe, especially around the holidays, some use a Raclette grill and have what I can only assume is similar to a fondue party. Others heat a half wheel of the cheese and you serve yourself by scraping off the grilled top of the cheese like in this picture I found on good ole Google.

Most likely, people in Halifax weren’t buying it because they didn’t know what to do with it, but I remembered a few years back there was a trend in Halifax with Raclette parties. I assumed it would taste like Halloumi, and I was right, it totally does. If you can’t find it at your local supermarket in Halifax I was just at Pete’s Frootiuqe downtown and they carry it now.

Anyway, when I got home all I could think of to do with it was I need to fry it, and as tempting as it is to just fry cheese and eat it, it doesn’t make for a great blog post. It must have been fate because I logged on to FoodGawker and within the first three pictures was a picture of Baked Eggs with Halloumi by Eat Drink Daily. I was so excited I didn’t even go to the site to look at the recipe, I immediately went in the kitchen and made baked eggs.

My version is definitely easier but the one thing I had wished I tried from Eat Drink Daily was to fry the cheese before putting them in the muffin tin, to get that charred taste I’m so fond of. Besides that I feel like this recipe would make a great brunch idea when having people over, it would also be good to make a few extra and bring the leftovers with a salad to work. If you have a newer muffin tin you will probably have more room than I did, as mine are pretty shallow so adding things like green onions or sauteed mushrooms would be amazing. If you are doing the brunch idea you could even have each guest put what they liked in each of their eggs before baking. This would be a fun recipe idea to involve your kids in as well. I am giving you the basic instructions but you can make two as I did, or twelve.

Baked Eggs in Raclette Cheese Cups

  • raclette or halloumi cheese cut into 1/4″ slices
  • free-range eggs
  • pepper to taste
  • sides such as ingredients for a salad or roasted potatoes
  • a muffin tin
  • non stick spray


Preheat oven to 350F and spray a muffin tin with non-stick spray.

Get out your ingredients, and slice your cheese into 1/4″ slices. If you don’t have the attack of the lazies you can heat a fry pan over medium high heat and fry the raclette/halloumi, just to char the sides. Set aside and cook any add ins you fancy.

Whether you fried the cheese or not, you want to add a slice to the bottom of the muffin pan place any add ins of your choice on top of the cheese then crack and egg over the top. Season with pepper, the cheese has a lot of salt so I would caution you against adding any extra.

Bake for about 12 -15 minutes if you want the yolks slightly runny, or up to 20 minutes if you want the yolks cooked through. I let mine cook for the full amount of time, the cheese formed a nice cup around the egg so you got a taste of it in every bite. I served mine with a simple salad, some olive oil and lemon.

Try out this recipe and let me know your favorite combos. Or next time you go to the grocery store pick up something new and share your concoctions with me!


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