Belleruche M.Chapoutier 2009

It’s Friday, I have the day off and it’s my boyfriend’s Birthday Weekend! I’m very happy all around. I’m still a little sick but I’m working on that one because the sun is shining and it is time to celebrate! 

I think I’ve been very clear that celebration calls for wine. I hope I’ve been clear, because I meant to be. If you are interested in learning about wine and wine production, I suggest you listen to a podcast called The Crush. Whitney and Christina inspired me to try more French wine, and I really like this one.

Belleruche M.Chapoutier 2009

It’s a Grenache/ Syrah blend from Cotes-Du-Rhone, it has a slightly oaky finish, with smooth berry fruit flavours. It reminded me of blackberries in the summer, not too sweet and not too acidic. It caught my eye because of the Braille on the bottle, but I would re-buy this and probably pair with with some Brie and baguette.

For more details on buying it in Nova Scotia, please check out the product page on the NSLC website here.


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