Summer Bucket List 2012

It’s nearing the official time of Summer and unlike some, I’m looking forward to my homework. Blog homework that is.

Joy and Tracy (respectively from Joy the Baker and Shutterbean) have asked in their most recent podcast, what is your Summer Bucket List? I thought this was excellent homework and a good way to start my summer full of potential blog related topics. So here goes nothing…

Summer Bucket List 2012

A good friend (ahem Lee) told me if you are going to make a list, write something on it you’ve accomplished already. In this case I have three already done:

  • throw my boyfriend a well deserved party, check
  • grow some herbs (I started, I have pineapple mint, peppermint, french lavender,  red basil, thyme and rosemary), multiple checks
  • get the dogs a pool, they think it’s a giant water dish but check anyway

Onto food:

  • make a perfect Sangria
  • create a new summer cocktail
  • make iced tea for AJ
  • perfect a recipe for caramel corn
  • attempt to make a pink lemonade cake
  • smoke something on our BBQ
  • make grown up popsicles
  • make vanilla extract (thanks to Amanda who brought me beautiful vanilla beans!)
  • make fruit leather in my dehydrator
  • make a vegan donair

Non-food related but still worthy of a Summer Bucket list items:

  • make the best bachelorette mixed cd (or cds)
  • go fancy dress shopping twice and attend two fabulous weddings
  • get family photos taken of AJ and I and the dogs
  • get the dogs to the groomers (before the photos)
  • go on a weekend adventure/hike with Leo (including a picnic lunch)
  • buy a pair of coloured jeans (teal or coral)
  • get to the beach

What is your Summer Bucket List for 2012?

Tell me what you think!

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