Today is my Blog-Birthday or what I like to call Blogiversary. Happy Blogiversary V-Spot! This will officially be my 261st  post! I kind of can’t believe it. I do actually believe it  because I can remember writing each post, but I think you are picking up what I’m writing down? Awesome.

It’s been four years since I started this blog with very humble beginnings and I’m so glad I’m still going. I’m glad you are still reading and I’m glad I haven’t run out of new things to dream up and wash down. I’m a little bit relieved I haven’t run out of things to talk about or pictures to take. I’m especially thankful that I still have things to share with you after four years.

For those of you who blog (or just love to cook) you may be like me and have a not-so-secret laundry list, of potential post ideas, and recipes to try. I have techniques I want to learn and step-by-step guides to write, a creative life I want to live and share with you. I am not, however, a surprise ruiner, so they will mostly stay hidden away. If you want a peak for the next few months to come, check out my Summer Bucket List for 2012.

To commemorate the last four years I figured I would talk about a few popular items on my site. Sweets always seem to reign supreme on blogs, and for me it’s been one cupcake (and cake) craze after another. The recipes that get most traffic on my site are the following:

All the recipes I have posted tend to be my favorite recipes otherwise they wouldn’t see the light of day. When I think of my favorite recipes though, they usually remind me of good times, and indulgent moments. The ones that currently stick out to me are below:

AJ and I don’t usually have the most compatible taste buds but I do try to find new recipes to share with you that he likes. I sometimes think of him as my picky-eater taste-tester so I figured I’d include some of his favorites as well:

Not everything I make, makes it onto the blog, if you want examples check out my Flipping Flops post. Sometimes I never repeat a recipe after I have perfected it and sometimes I have repeats that make it into my everyday cooking almost weekly.So what have I been most often repeating at home? In the last few months, these are my repeat offenders:

Last but absolutely not least, I just wanted to thank you all for continuing to visit my site. Without the encouragement from your comments and the general positive support I feel from your frequent visits I would not still be writing!

Thanks again, and happy munching!


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