Trio Chardonnay and Local Strawberries

I fully expected it to downpour today. I woke up early, took the dogs out for a walk and it started to sprinkle. I rushed home to go to the gym and the rain stopped by the time I was done. It was overcast so I continued to organize my jewelry (over the door hanger from the dollarstore just improved my life 10 fold) and purge my closet. I swapped all my winter and fall clothes out, for bright and cheery, light and airy summer clothes.

I planned to break out the sewing machine today to make a framed holder (inspiration here, here and here) for my earrings but got distracted by a few upcoming birthdays and made a card and gift bag. All the sudden it was 8pm at night and I still had not even thought about getting a post together, so I guess here we are. After long busy days like this, you deserve a something delicious, for me it was a combo of local ripe strawberries and ice cold white wine.

Trio Chardonnay and Strawberries

Let’s start with the wine shall we?

The Trio Chardonnay is actually a blend of three grapes. Seventy percent chardonnay, and fifteen percent each pinot grigio and pinot blanc grapes. This blend tries to showcase the good bits of each grape variety. The chardonnays buttery and almond-like flavours are cut with the crisp and clean minerality of the pinot grigio and rounded out with the slight acidity and full fruit flavours of the pinot blanc. It’s a dry white wine that costs $15.99 at the NSLC and if you would like more tasting notes please visit there product details page here.

Trio is made by a winery in Chile called Concho Y Toro. In the Trio line they make multiple blends in both red and white and I have enjoyed each one I have tried. They also make the brand Casillero de Diablo which are good wines great price among many, many other choices to pick from that I am sure, are equally divine .

I love Chilean wine as I find you can get very good value wines at a lower price. As well as, most of the Chilean wines I’ve tried are either organically farmed or are eco-friendly and partake in sustainable farming, like Concho Y Toro.

Now on to the strawberries.

I acquired the most perfectly juicy and ripe locally grown strawberries. I’m not afraid to admit I ate one box to myself. Luckily I know me, and I bought two with plans for baking but I couldn’t force myself to in the heat. I want to, I just can’t… I mean have you seen Smitten Kitchen‘s Strawberries and Cream Biscuits???

So I washed, hulled and diced a few of these babies and added them to my glass of white wine and made a perfect, summery, lazy-girl-sangria.

Sure I could have added some hard liquor and some fizz, maybe some citrus but I don’t have time for those things. I have strawberries to eat and ‘Girls‘ to watch!


4 thoughts on “Trio Chardonnay and Local Strawberries

  1. This looks delicious Amy, I must try that!! I love the jewelery organizer, who would have thought that something so simple would work so well??

    • Thanks Mom! it’s perfect for belts and necklaces. Hopefully my earring one will turn out too- if it does I’ll post that as well!

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