Folonari Valpolicella Classico Ripasso 2010

I feel like I have slipped into my blog summer slow down without giving you notice. The only reason why I’ve not noticed is because I’ve been too dang busy to stop and realize. When it’s nice outside I’m enjoying the heat or out with friends and family which hasn’t left much time or want to cook, clean, go to the gym or blog. This (last) weekend I had enough, it was time to do nothing, and I mean nothing and I didn’t take to doing ‘nothing’, well. I have been so wound up that I spent most of the weekend being bored, cranky and sleep deprived all in an effort to relax. It also doesn’t help the weather this weekend was dreary and humid, but I’m getting through and I have a very busy week planned ahead.

One thing I did do this weekend (besides make pupcakes) was to share two great bottles of wine with my friends. Leo picked up a Ruffino Chianti that we both love and I picked up this Valpolicella. I’m not usually drawn to valpolicellas, when I first started trying red wine they were first on my list but the dry after taste and the upfront taste of cheap wine ruined me from trying any decent ones.

Well I tried this one and now I want more immediately. It’s a great rainy day wine which is worth the few extra dollars (it’s priced at $19.99). There is something special about this wine I didn’t realize until after I bought it that I am going to share with you. It’s not an ordinary Valpolicella because at a point in it’s processing they add the dried grape skins from the Amarone (delicious and expensive grape that produces a slightly sweet, full bodied raisin-y tasting wine).

The Amarone gives this wine a medium body that is not been my experience with Valpolicellas which can sometimes remind me of a French Beaujolais. It’s complex and smooth, tasting like fresh and dried currants finishing with a leathery after taste. I hope we have much more heat left to this Summer, but when the nights start to get colder, I’m picking this wine up again and making my Walnut Ragu with pasta.

For more tasting notes from the NSLC please visit this link.


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