B is for Bulgur

It’s time for the second instalment of my ongoing blogseries What’s the Word?Wednesdays. This Wednesday is the letter B and this week B stands for Bulgur.

What is it?

Bulgur is a whole grain, actually a whole wheat with part of the germ removed. Bulgur can be bought whole and parboiled in various sizes of grain. It’s either left whole or ground slightly. You’ve probably eaten bulgur already without knowing it. It’s found in a lot of Middles Eastern cuisine including tabouli and various kebbes. Click here to find out what Wikipedia has to say about Bulgur.

What does it taste like?

Bulgur has a light nutty taste that blends well into whole grain breads or good as a substitute for couscous in cold summer salads.Depending on how it is prepared, bulgur can be slightly glutenous (stick together) or the opposite and not stick together. I find when boiled like rice it produces a clumpier texture good for making veggie patties or lentil loafs. The other method for preparing involves pouring hot water over finely ground bulgur and letting sit to absorb the water. This method is better for making cold salads like tabouli as the grain remains separated, more like well cooked basmati rice. The texture also varies depending on how finely ground it is, and can be cooked like a morning porridge or used in place of a a more traditional starch like rice or potatoes.

Where do I use it?

Everywhere! No really. Add it to soups, breads, even your morning oatmeal (as long as you cook it first). It makes a great base for a cold grain salad, or you can use it as a filler for veggie burgers like the ones I made here.

Are there health benefits?

Bulgur is a whole grain and whole grains should be incorporated into everyone’s diet however bulgur is not suitable for anyone who is gluten-intolerant. Like other whole grains, bulgur is high in fibre and protein and is actually a great source of potassium.

V-Spot recipes and suggestion for using Bulgur:

Turkish Lentil Kofta
Tabouli Salad

Bulgur Recipe Inspriation:

I did some food-blog trolling and these recipes really stood out, check them out!

Breakfast Bulgur in Coconut Milk by The Whinery
Bulgur and Cabbage Pilaf (Safsouf) by Taste of Beirut
Bulgur Whole Wheat Bread by Angie’s Recipes


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