D is for Dehydrator

It’s hump day and the work week is officially at the half way point of being ovah. I’m looking forward to a semi-relaxing weekend but to get to there I have to get through this week. I was thinking about things that have been making the (work-week) time fly by. Generally I get up, get ready for work, make a lunch and catch the bus. Lately because it has cooled down a bit I’ve been walking to work, that seems to make my morning fly by and start me off on the right foot before I start my day.

At the end of the day I think everyone just wants to relax. I sure do and now that Fall is around the corner it’s really tempting to sit in front of the TV with all the shows coming into their new season. I really want the most of the Fall and I got out of the good habit of walking my dogs after work every day. Today I am going to start a new routine that involves me atleast being more concious of my activity level. Even if you are tired I can tell you from experience it takes you putting in effort , even when you don’t want to, to permanently change what energy level you have. Summer has made my routine go out the  window being awesome as Summer is. You make spur of the moment plans that are totally driven by good weather and awesome outdoor events but today on this uneventful Wednesday, I’m going to make a change to bring my routine back. What part of your routine do you want to change?

Oh heyyyyy, it’s also What’s the Word? Wednesday, by the way! This week is owned by the letter D and D is for Dehydrator.

What is it?

A Dehydrator is a cooking device that heats/dries food over a low temperature for a long time (anywhere from 8-36 hours). Drying preserves the food, intensifies any sugars and flavours and in some cases keeps the food in a ‘raw’ state, meaning that the nutrients remain pretty much the same just the water is gone.

What does it taste like?

Well usually it tastes dry. Just kidding, it really depends on what you choose to dehydrate. Dried fruit will taste sweeter. Dried veggies crisp-up or develop more intense flavours. By drying food you can simulate chips or crackers while keeping the raw food integrity. Not everything has to be dried until it has crunch, fruit leather dehydrates until ‘leathery’.

Are there health benefits?

Yes. Most raw-foodists couldn’t live without their dehydrator. It allows for more variety of texture and flavours without ‘cooking’ the food (at a higher temperature) that would normally diminish the vitamins and minerals.

V-Spot suggestions for using food in your dehydrator:

Recipe inspiration:

Tell me what you think!

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