Beni di Batasiolo Langhe Rosso 2010

Happy Monday to you all. I’m rocking a head cold like a boss right now and in a weird way I feel happy about it because I’ve been irritatingly-almost-sick for two weeks now and I’m hoping once this has run its course then I’ll be back to my healthier self. Unfortunately because of the way I’ve been feeling lately I haven’t had much time to make food. At least not make and photograph food and then write blog posts for said food to then share it with you. My solution to this is a wine review. That is what’s up, Monday.

Wait one second, I totally went to Nocturne and sucked back one whole package of Fisherman’s Friends just to be there. I also downed some tylenol chased with a lovely glass of wine – real talk. The only pictures I took were with my phone (and are super nerdy) but I took them for you!

Tweetris – an interactive exhibit where you play the stick man turning the Tetris shapes. As you contort your body it snaps pictures of the player and places them in the cubes that make up the shapes…also it totally tweets those images of you looking like a dork. A dork who’s having the best time of their life, mind you.

Oh and here is a storm trooper and his green friend. If anyone can advise me who his green friend is I would appreciate it. (leave a comment please!)

Back to this wine review.

Beni di Batasiolo Langhe Rosso 2010 is one of my wine picks from the Port of Wines show (I posted about it here). I had planned to save it for a few months before indulging; long story short I had a hard week and I decided I to drink it (YOLO).

It’s an Italian red blend of three grapes, Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo made in Langhe which is a wine producing area in Piedmont Italy. I liked this wine a lot and was surprised by the flavor. I think I was expecting more of the Barbera to come through and in hindsight I should have let it decant for a while before drinking. I found at first sniff and sip, it had a strong oak back that bites back followed by the cherry taste I expect from a Chianti. The oak and dryness really reminded me of a Barolo, but once it had time to aerate a bit it was a smooth sipping spicy wine. I think this wine would love to be paired with food, especially a rich fatty food like pasta with cream sauce or a fatty soft cheese like gorgonzola.

This wine was a Port of Wines exclusive but I have seen some bottles hanging out at the NSLC on Quinpool road. It’s about $25 a bottle and if you are around the area check it out.



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