Things to Do While in a Food Blog Rut

Last week I had a minor gum surgery and temporary crown put on my back molar which has hindered the whole make food, take pictures, devour food and repeat process that allows me to continue this blog. This weekend, although my jaw is still super sore I’m able to eat more than one small soft meal a day, I planned to shake this food blog rut I’ve been going through. I planned to make an amazing granola but that totally didn’t happen. These last few weeks I’ve had every excuse in the book not to work on my blog. I’ve been sad and over tired,  then I caught a cold so I was sick and sad. Then I had to make a dentist appointment because my tooth fractured and finally I’m in a  state where I’m not sick, and I’m feeling happier but I am unable to eat, and that my friends makes for a lousy foodblogess. I apologize. 

Things to Do While in a Food Blog Rut

  • Run errands to get fabric for your Halloween costume, Lush trip for bath supplies and grocery shopping but don’t buy anything for the blog except that expensive truffle aioli you just saw and a lovely ginger dressing.
  • Remind yourself when you get home you can’t eat a salad right now or a sandwich. Boooo.
  • Read the Lush times and make a list of things you want to try. 
  • Play video games.
  • Watch back to back movies (Moonrise Kingdon followed by The Campaign) with your significant other, then say you will work on your blog tomorrow when he asks, explaining ‘unfortunately, there just isn’t any natural light for photos right now.’
  • Wake up early and make a Christmas list of the people you need to buy for this year.
  • Make eggs for breakfast and feed most of it to the dogs.
  • Boil some carrots then abandon them. You were thinking you needed them for a recipe for today but thought better of it after they were cooked.
  • Think about working on your Halloween costume, then don’t do it. You have six days to procrastinate about that some more.
  • Tell the dogs you don’t have the energy or time to walk them today so you will play with them now.
  • Later you will most likely walk the dogs.
  • Go to your local health food store to pick up some inspiration (for the blog).
  • Get sidetracked by talking to the barista in the coffee shop beside the natural health food store about the new coffee (Full Steam) just in from Guysborough county.
  • Pay $16 for a pound of espresso and feel justified because not only are they creating new jobs in Nova Scotia but Pete’s is selling it for $3.00 more.
  • Ask the barista to grind your coffee because you have time, it’s Sunday.
  • Rearrange your toiletries on your bathroom shelving while painting your nails.
  • The lacquer looks bad so you will need to stop cleaning to fix it then re-paint your nails.
  • Look at Foodgawker.
  • Get hungry.
  • Realize you can’t eat and don’t want to work on your blog.
  • Make this post.


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