Monte Nobile Nero D’Avola 2010

Time for another wine review. I’ve tasted quite a few new wines lately and I am stuck on Italy again. I find Italian wine has such a diverse amount of grapes varietals and differences in the way they process the wine from region to region, it keeps me coming back for more. This time I selected another Sicilian wine as I wanted to try another Nero D’Avola. The last time I tried one I loved it so much I made this post, Massivo 2007 Nero D’Avola! It’s hard for me to compare these wines because the last time I had the Massivo was over a year ago however I would say this Monte Nobile is a little easier to drink due to its lower alcohol content (14%) and it better price of $15.99. This wine is dry and according to what I’ve researched, the 2010 can be stored and enjoyed up to 2016.

Monte Nobile 2010 Nero D'Avola

This makes a great Fall wine to serve with a strong flavoured cheese or a hearty pasta. This Christmas dinner I was planning on making a mock-duck out of seitan and I think this would pair well with the sweet hoisin sauce as it’s medium bodied and while it has a lot of berry flavours. This wine also has a tiny taste of oak and a bit of bitterness that I found to be appealing.

I couldn’t find this wine in downtown Halifax and I’m not sure where it is located other than at the Joe Howe NSLC connected to the Superstore. Unfortunately their website doesn’t offer much more of a description or even have a picture however they do have it listed here.


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