G is for Garam Masala

I know everyone is gearing up for the holidays and I’m actually on the ball this year. I have one more gift and a few stocking stuffers to buy, a few cards to prepare and gifts to wrap but besides that I’m almost ready. Oh and baking, I can’t forget holiday baking, but when I get to that you are sure to know about it.

To top things off the Walking Dead just started their mid-season break so I think it’s finally time to start catching up on my What’s the Word? Wednesdays! With all this free time I may just conquer the world!

When the idea for this blog series was first being discussed, one of the topics I was asked about was – what is garam masala? Therefore today G is for Garam Masala.

garam masala

What is it?

Garam Masala is a primarily Northern Indian spice blend. The blend itself can vary from region to region, to include more or less of whatever spices are available in the region. Spices such as peppercorns, cardamom, bay leaves, cinnamon, and cumin seeds are toasted first to bring out the flavour and natural oils, and then ground to a fine powder. Garam masala is not an ingredient that is specific to being a vegetarian but some of the best tasting food on this planet (my opinion), particularly the best vegetarian food on this planet comes from India therefore you must know about this spice blend. For more information about some of the regional variants, check out this post on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is currently taking donations to keep itself running, if you use Wikipedia, please donate what you can. Knowledge is power.

What does it taste like?

Garam masala is a complex flavour which complements both sweet and savoury foods. It’s hard to pin down but if I had to compare it to other spice blends, I find it is similar to Chinese five spice and/or Jamaican jerk seasoning.

Are there health benefits?

I couldn’t find any hard evidence that garam masala improves any of your bodily functions however Wikipedia does list that it’s high in potassium among a few other micro-nutrients. I would assume, however, that one could not ingest enough of this spice blend to see a difference in their overall health. One thing is for sure, it tastes amazing, which makes me want to put it in everything; therefore improving my outlook on life, one happy taste bud at a time.

Side note:

If you are looking to pick this spice up locally you can usually find it in a grocery store in the international or spice aisles. If not, health food or Indian food stores are your best bet. If you feel adventurous, you can try making your own as well. I’ve posted an amazing step by step guide below that you follow or customize to your tastes!

V-Spot recipes and suggestion for using Garam Masala:

Recipe inspiration from other fine Bloggers:

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