GoodBye 2012 – Hello New Year!

I wanted to make a year in review post because this last year has been so full of unexpected ups and downs. I have never felt more excited to celebrate on New Years Eve more than I have this year and, I’m sick. If it wasn’t already obvious, AJ and I are staying home this year, as we speak I’m eating cold pizza and writing post. None of this matters to me though. I am desperately missing some pretty fabulous people tonight, however, I’m happy, (for all intents and purposes) healthy and have people/animals who love me, a good job and a roof over my head. No matter how I celebrate tonight, I won’t be any more ready for 2013. Bring it on!

Family Photo taken by Josh Szeto

My Most Memorable Moments of 2012:

  • I turned 29 years old, celebrated 14 years of being a vegetarian and 4 years of being a blogger!
  • Ate at The Bicycle Theif (delish!)
  • Mom’s Sixtieth Birthday celebrations.
  • Attending my friends Angela and Cino wedding; sweetest nuptials for the sweetest couple.
  • Attended a beautiful James Bond themed wedding as a plus one.
  • I attending the Port of Wines Festival for the first time. You can read about my experience here.
  • Two dear friends  of ours each had a healthy baby boy. They are probably the cutest boys I have ever seen, you know who you are!
  • A friend of mine passed away too soon.
  • Another took an opportunity that couldn’t be put refused and moved away.
  • Finally got family pictures done of AJ, myself and the dogs, a huge thanks to the lovely and talented Josh Szeto!
  • Having the best Christmas yet by combining both of our family celebrations.


Most Popular Blog Posts of 2012:

Now that I’ve reminisced it’s time to do some forward thinking for the year ahead.

Photo Sourced from Fry Bread White Bread – Click to view site!

What I’m looking forward to in 2013:

  • A road trip to Montreal to see Lady Gaga
  • Getting to celebrate more Birthdays and Holidays with my family and friends
  • The Walking Dead to come back and Game of Thrones to start
  •  Making arrangements to take a trip to the UK
  • Less stress
  • More Creativity

What I want to change in 2013:

The last two years has really been about others for me,  and I feel that 2013 is my year to take somethings back I always make this resolution but I want to take care of my health, get a few massages and facials, eat well, work-out and in general make turning 30 my year to shine!

What do you have planned for 2013?



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