Emiliana Coyam 2010

Whoa it’s January 5th, what happened this first week of the new year? I can’t believe how time is blowing by, and, I might have just realized it’s my 15 year anniversary of being a vegetarian. Whoopee! I am proud, but I also feel it’s not a big deal; it’s not been a struggle to be a vegetarian, I enjoy each choice I make concerning my food and morality.

To celebrate, I’m going to review my last wine that I picked up from the Port of Wine Festival 2012. I saved this wine for the last and enjoyed it with friends over the holidays. If you had/have a chance to read my rather detailed write-up (totally forgiven if you have not) on my experience, I became slightly enamored by the Chilean wine producer Emiliana. I tasted a few of their selections they brought to the festival including their most expensive wine Ge which I actually would have laid down $80.29 for. Not only does their wine taste amazing, but I fell in love with how they produce it, with biodynamic and organic farming practices. Unfortunately for us we can’t get their wines here in Nova Scotia (after the wine show left town), unless you want to buy a case of wine. I just don’t have the moolah for that one. Sad face.

Hand of Emiliana Coyam 2010

Emiliana’s Coyam 2010 is produced in Chile in the Colchagua Valley and was named for ancient oak trees surrounding the vineyard and literally translates to ‘Chilean Oak’ as per their write-up on the wine. The blend itself contains a big mix of varietals cited  below and on their website as the following:

38% Syrah

27% Carmenere

21% Merlot

12% Cabernet Sauvignon

1% Mourvedre

1% Petit Verdot

What I took away from this wine is being its incredible smoothness and big fruity, juicy taste balanced with a big oak. I don’t remember this being a hugely dry tasting wine, but it was certainly full bodied and clung to the sides of the glass like blackberry syrup. This wine was priced at a little over $35 at the wine show, if they do ever carry in the future as it as a regular stock item I’m not sure if the price will retail the same. I would definitely recommend trying it if it comes back, it makes a nice hostess gift and I think it would appeal to a variety of people’s taste. The blend really reminded me more of a malbec than a blend but I think that was mix of the juicy syrah and silky smooth merlot talking to my taste buds.

Coyam Close-up

Here is what Emiliana has to say about Coyam:

‘Tasting Notes

Deep cherry-red in color. Intense aromas of red fruits such as currants and raspberries with a spicy touch of black pepper and rosemary and mild floral notes of violets accompanied by vanilla. The palate is elegant and full of character, with tannins that are firm yet soft and silky and a fruit finish that recalls fresh black plums. Recommended for cellaring.’

Even though I would suspect you can no longer buy this in Halifax the NSLC still lists a few Emiliana wines on their site. Here is the link to Coyam.


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