I is For…

New Year new What’s the Word? Wednesday!

This week we are talking about the letter I, and I is for Iron.

After the holiday I was getting oddly sick, I felt dizzy, tired, and I couldn’t concentrate. I attributed this to the fact I had been surviving off a diet of coffee, wine, cheeses and chocolate and after thinking about it, I came to the conclusion  I’m most likely low in iron. I don’t generally take a multivitamin, I know, I know I should and I started, but this totally has me thinking. Why didn’t I have this issue before? Well after looking into it I discovered I really do eat a lot of beans and dark leafy greens and they have saved me. Time to get back to old habits.

I is for Iron

What is it and why does my body need it?

Iron is a naturally occurring mineral that your body needs to produce hemoglobin which carries oxygen throughout your body. There are two types of iron your body can absorb, one called heme iron (from animal sources) and non-heme iron (from plant sources. Want to know more about how your body processes iron? Please check out WHFoods.org it’s my main go-to site for nutrition and I sourced most of the material for this write up from their site.

What are the best vegetarian sources of iron?

The best plant sources of iron are largely from beans and legumes (think soy beans or chickpeas), spices and herbs ( think thyme, cumin and basil) and dark leafy greens (think kale, spinach or collards).

What does it taste like?

Thankfully you don’t often get that chance to taste iron, unless you’ve ever bit your tongue while chewing. Iron is a mineral and on large, tastes metallic, not really delicious.

Two become One

V-Spot recipes that are high in iron:


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