Road Trippin’

On Saturday we had planned a road trip to Montreal. Then the storm was forecasted:

Snowfall Warning

Source Unknown

Yesterday we scrambled to arrange plans for the dogs and ourselves and decided on starting the road trip early, by leaving late tonight!

The hustle and bustle it made me realize I may have some tips to help with road tripping and I thought I’d put together a last minute post.

  • On Monday I made a list of things I needed to do before I left as well as things I needed to pack.  Lists are pretty normal suggestions but this turned out to a be a life saver last night. When you hurry you forget things, and because most of the stuff on my list wasn’t done and  I now had 12 fewer hours to work with I was in a panic. Even if you trip doesn’t get bumped ahead, lists help you focus and not forget things like passports.
  • Stake out places you want to see when you think you will have time for a stop. For us we are stopping in Bangor on the way, so I’ve been looking at restaurants and wine/beer shops we can go to while we are there during the day.
  • Buy tickets/ book rooms in advance. While in Montreal we have a booked schedule, we are seeing a few friends and most importantly going there to see a concert. Our hotels were booked in advance along with letting them know if we needed an early or late check-in (super important!). We have also bought tickets to go to other activities advance. Why you ask? Well generally it’s cheaper and gives some structure to your trip so you can make the most out fot he time you have.
  • Bring gps, and a mapped out route and an old school map just in case
  • Normally I’d be all over snacks but I’m worried about eating just because I’m bored. If you are going to snack, or have a food restricted diet of any kind, bring healthy snacks to tide you over. The temptation to overeat or go to a drive through are ever-present and although that may be part of the charm for some people being a vegetarian/vegan means planning out what and where you are going to eat.
  • Make a new and upbeat play list, or bring an audiobook. I can’t read in the car because I get motion sick. Whether my crew wants to listen to it or I’m flying solo, it’s a good option for entertainment during a long haul. I chose Bossypants by Tina Fey because it’s hilarious and World War Z by Max Brooks.


Smack dab in the middle of the trip we are going to go see Lady Gaga. I have big love for this lady and I know she will put on an amazing show! What makes me even more excited is the fact we are road tripping. Despite how much I love road trips, I don’t drive, so this is a rare occurrence in my life, which is entirely sad and self-inflicted. For the duration of the road trip (five days) I will be away from blog (AFB).I do solemnly swear to post pictures when I come home and talk about the lovely events and food that happened. 

In the meantime if you are interested about what I’m up to, I’m going to try to post pictures on Instgram. I’ve had an account for long while but recently started posting pictures. They are all dog and food pictures for the most part, with a little scenery thrown in. Since I didn’t think I would ever get into Instagram (wrong) or that I would connect it to my blog (wrong, again) my user name is kind fo silly. It’s my childhood nickname plus lucky number BUT if you want to follow me, search for Azee16.

Cheers and see you in a weeks time!

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