Burger Week Halifax 2013

It’s our first official Burger Week and this vegetarian is excited! It’s official start was Thursday March 21st, but I have time to tell you about it today.

It may seem a little weird that me, of all people, is this excited. However strictly looking at the facts, burgers have blown up in this city (Halifax) over the last two years. As a result of this food trend we have had numerous burger-only restaurants pop up in the last year alone. Even alternative restaurants  are shining up their menus with gourmet burger options.

Normally a burger-fest wouldn’t intrigue me, as I’m sure you are aware that most of the food I love the most is in no way fashioned after meat. However I am down for a handcrafted veggie burger, and when I feel the need I’ve hit up a few restaurants around the city, at least well enough to give you a general idea where to go if you are so inclined. Also have I ever mentioned to you I love craft beer? I’m not just wine drinker, shocking.

What is special about Halifax’s burger week? Well let me tell you. Twenty-two local restaurants are participating in one of two things:

(1)Either they are offering a $5 specialty burger or (2) they are offering a combo (usually including Hop City’s Barking Squirrel Lager) with a pre-set donation going to Feed Nova Scotia. For more info on the participating restaurants click the hyperlink in the first paragraph entitled ‘Burger Week’.

I don’t know about you, but I love doing something I normally do for cheaper and/or for charity! Get out of your house people of Halifax and go get burger-ed! The passionate animal rights person inside of me wishes you would all do so in the compassionate way, therefore I’m going to give a few veggie pointers:

$5 Burger Category

We(vegetarians/vegans) totally loose out in this category for saving money, I’m sorry to tell ya’ll. While Ace Burger Co, The Armview, Darrells Resto,  Rock Bottom Brewery, Your Father Moustache all offer a veggie burger options, none of them (as far as I know) are offered up at the $5 price.

That being said it’s not like you don’t at least have the option of eating there with your carnivorous  friends, albeit paying a smidgen extra. 

What are my suggestions you ask? Well there are two clear winners:

Squished Burger Love

First up is Ace; I have pictured their burger, although it usually comes in better (visual) conditions it’s still tasty as hell. Burger week has obviously blow up this Friday and all portions are coming in to-go bags even if you are sitting at a table, in order for them to manage all the orders. I love Ace’s burgers because they are a handmade veggie burger with lentils, eggs, shredded veg and topped with chevre and argula. They are not vegan, as the burger contains eggs and it is topped with dairy. Unfortunately, they do not have any vegan options except their hand cut, perfectly cooked french fries. Ace is located inside of Gus’s Pub which sells relatively cheap pitchers of beer, plus plus. 

Veggie Burger Annihilaltion

Second runner up goes to Darrell’s in this category. Darrell’s has buy one get one half off every Monday so I get around here more often. What’s truly awesome is they will make any burger on their menu with a veggie patty at no extra cost. They have spicy (frozen) fries, make fancy condiments and provide you with hot sauce at each table. They also make a pretty damn good side salad should you choose to opt out for fries and not to forget, great service.

Feed Nova Scotia Burgers

These burgers sometimes come with beer and always give a donation to Feed Nova Scotia. Most of the restaurants have a vegetarian burger option and are offering a specialty (non-veg) burger for the event but the following ones I have listed are advertising a vegetarian option as part of the combo/donation:  

  • Harbour City Bar & Grill is offering a cashew peanut veggie burger combo (not listed on their current menu) with Barking Squirrel beer with a $1 donation to Feed Nova Scotia.
  • Relish is offering a choice of patty, one being a veggie option and loads of toppings to choose from.
  • Tempo has one lentil burger. I’m stoked it’s handmade and I’ve tried it. Unfortunately it’s not my favorite veggie burger on this impressive list. It seems to me to be a combo of potatoes and lentils that are breaded and deep-fried. They say it’s curried but I found it a little bland and hard to eat. Their fries however are awesome and the combo they are offering comes with a beer and a $1 donation. Their service is among the best in the city and will help you out with gluten-free and vegan options.
  • The Works has the most vegetarian options by far, even including poutine. They also have deep-fried pickles and are giving a $2.50 donation for every specialty combo bought during burger week.

Anyone with more info, or burger favorites, please comment on this post and let me know! Happy Burger Week Halifax and happy weekend all!

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