N is for…

Can anyone tell me where the last two weeks went? I feel like it hasn’t been that long but it has. I remember glimmers of birthday dinners as well as BINGO, yep BINGO! Even though I didn’t win anything it was still a great time and for a great cause.

This week has been work, work, and more work. I knew it would be a busy week for me so last week I started this post and unfortunately didn’t have it ready, but here I am sleepy-eyed, trying to turn a phrase or two before I’m forgotten.

It’s Wednesday, and I hope by now you know what that means around these parts (ahem… can I get a What’s the Word?). If you are new to my blog please check out my original series posting on Agave.

This What’s the Word? Wednesday we are catching up with the letter ‘N ‘ and N is for Nutritional Yeast!

N is For

N is for Nutritional Yeast

You most likely have not heard about this product and if you have you either are blissfully in love (me!) or a skeptic because you haven’t tried it due to its mega hippy associations. Nutritional yeast is also widely known as nutch/nooch (pronounced the same way) and less commonly (I recently discovered) as hippy dust. I quite like that one.

What is it?

Nutritional yeast is a yeast grown from sugar beets or sugar cane which may lead you to believe it is unhealthy but you would be terribly wrong. It is sold in a flake and powder form and is a natural medium-yellow color. It’s generally inexpensive and can be found at health food stores and in some natural food sections of bigger grocery store chains. Often packed in bags or tubs like the one below.


What does it taste like?

Let’s start with what it doesn’t taste like. It definitely doesn’t taste like yeast, or ‘health food’, or cardboard. So what does it taste like, most people will describe it as a mildly nutty, cheesy or creamy taste. For this reason it’s often used as a cheese substitute in the vegan diet.

Where do I use it?

Nooch is very versatile. Given the chance I’ll sprinkle it on anything savoury. It’s amazing on hot buttered popcorn, it’s great sprinkled on soups, salads and pastas and it’s a wonderful add-in to help reproduce a cheesy flavour. It also blends well into liquids so makes a great nutritional booster to things like mashed potatoes, stuffing, sauces and gravies.


Are there health benefits?

Yes! It’s naturally vegan friendly and gluten-free. It a very good source of vegetarian B vitamins as well as protein and fibre. The B vitamins are essential to our muscles and a lack of B vitamins usually causes muscle fatigue and lethargy. Nutritional information will vary from brand to brand however one tablespoon of the Neeko brand I have, contains about about 4.5 grams of protein and 0.5 grams of fat. The photograph below shows all the vitamin and mineral information:


V- Spot Recipes and suggestion using Nutritional Yeast:

Nutritional Yeast Inspiration around the web:

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