Real-talk with Street Art

I can’t believe this is my first post in August and it’s a few days away from the end of the month! I’d like to blame my lack of posts on how busy I’ve been or some tragic event but the truth is I have made a lot of changes this Summer that all revolve around putting the focus back on myself. In April my boyfriend who previously was home for almost 2 years (due to an illness), had recovered enough to go back to work. I had a hard time with it, all the spare time that was filled with such specific commitments needed to be filled with stuff I needed to do. Stuff that I’d been putting off, like getting back into a workout routine, as well as stuff I wanted to do, like go get a massage or read a book (or five).


I didn’t force a huge commitment to myself, it happened almost out of boredom. I started running again, I picked up A Song of Ice and Fire series; I’m slowly making my way through the fifth book now. I started a home work-out routine and I’m seeing awesome results. I really focused on balancing what I was putting into my body. All of these changes, and all the energy it took to make them left me high and dry on food blog content and inspiration.  A few months ago I wrote a heart felt letter to my blog readers about how I was winding down and I thought it would be my last post. I had it ready to publish and kept re-reading but I couldn’t publish it. I’m not ready to give it up yet but I’m also not ready to get back to my regular posting schedule, so for the time being I hope you can bare with me.


When you focus your energy and commit to yourself, especially when you commit to your health and wellbeing so many things in your life naturally change. Not just your body but your mind and your attitude; goals and ideas start to creep up in behind your ears and whisper sweet nothings. I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing for the rest of the Summer. I’m excited for all the changes Fall seems to bring to me and I really want to share them with you. Here are some things I’ve learned this Summer:

Trying to balance what you eat makes is extremely hard to blog about it. Every morning I have about 3 breakfast options I rotate throughout the week. On Sunday I cook a big batch of something to make sure I have 5 lunches and make snacks/mini-meals in the morning before work or at night before bed. Supper is always a mixed bag for me, but between by daily workouts, dog walks, cleaning the house and overall exhaustion it’s hard to be creative and photograph it when all you want to do is cram something that nutritionally balanced, clean and  portion controlled in your face. This Summer I also removed all baking stuffs from my house, not that anyone wants to bake in the Summer but I actually haven’t had the option to. Fall will be another story.


Massages are important to your health. You need to do things for yourself period. This Summer I’ve re-discovered yoga, running, daily workouts, and monthly massages. I’m lucky enough to have a drug-plan that covers them but I didn’t start taking advantage of it until April (p.s. I’ve worked at my current job for four years). If you have access to massage through your insurance, don’t wait, get a prescription and go! I realize not everyone has this opportunity, but if you can treat yourself to even one a year you will get some benefit. Massages help manage my TMJ, carpal tunnel and stress; generally they make me feel good.


Having good neighbours is a blessing. I was extremely spoiled over the last three years and had some of the best neighbours you could ask for. They moved out a month ago and now the worst neighbours one could ask for live above me. As I type this I’m pretty sure a book-case just toppled over and it’s before 10 am on a Sunday. Maybe the universe is telling me I’m suppose to learn patience, so far it’s not working.


You can get a great workout in 25 minutes. I promise you I didn’t become a beach body coach, I will not be selling shakeology over my blog but I did pick up  Focus T25 and am seriously loving it. I’m on week 6 starting today and have seen major results, I’m excited to see what the next 5 weeks will bring me! If you are like me and wants to get back into shape but you are short on time, this is the perfect thing for you.

Coconut oil is amazing. I love the taste of coconut so I always knew I’d love coconut oil. It’s a great beauty product for you hair and skin but I prefer to eat it. This Summer, among many other uses, I used it to make stove-top popcorn, amazing!


The more you put into any relationship the more you get out of it. This goes for work relationships, intimate relationships, and even dog relationships. It’s just true, I don’t need to elaborate.

Red wine is really hard to drink in the summer, switch to cider or crisp white wines. Do it fast, Summer is almost over.


Cocktails are the best when you don’t have to make them. So many restaurants are making fancy cocktails. “Ain’t no body has time (or money) for that” at home. Spend a few extra bucks on a few cocktails with friends outside of the house.

Milk-products make me break out. I’ve pretty much gone vegan this Summer, besides being lactose intolerant already I’ve also discovered milk almost automatically makes me break out, causes stomach upset, worsens cold symptoms etc.


Water is stronger than caffeine. A few posts back I challenged everyone to get on the water train (i.e make sure you were getting enough during the day). Last week I was so busy at work I literally forgot to drink even a sip. I was exhausted at the end of the work-day. It was the first time in 5 weeks I wasn’t prepared to work out. I spent an hour or more trying to re-hydrate myself and had such a horrible workout afterwards. Don’t forget to drink your water!


Planning a big trip is fun, recovering your stolen passports is not. AJ and I are planning a trip to Europe and hopefully heading through Iceland on the way there. It’s been so much fun sitting down and planning out every detail, but we have no interest in getting the passport stuff done. Ugh, so crucial to our trip, yet so the last thing we want to do.

When your parent(s) retires it’s their equivalent to when you left for university. Mom if you are reading I haven’t seen you all Summer! Sincerely, your daughter.


Binge reading is always ok. Get away from the TV, sit outside for the last few weeks of warm weather and read something!

Being a tourist in your own town is highly recommended. I spent a huge amount of time walking around Halifax this Summer, hence all the photos! Hope you enjoyed them. 


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