Spicy Charred Corn Dip

I feel like hanging on to the last moments of Summer. Last night I joined a few lovely people to have a Summers-end soiree. But what’s that, September? I see you creeping up into my life.

During end of Summer we see some of the best produce in Nova Scotia, the markets are overflowing with cheap and beautiful produce. August and September bring luscious tomatoes, juicy stone fruit and sweet peaches and cream corn. Corn is everywhere, it’s cheap, it’s sweet and delicious. I’m pretty sure everyone loves it barbecued, with butter, salt and pepper but you can make so many amazing things with it, including this yummy dip!

Summer on a Plate

Traditional corn dip isn’t barbecued, but since this was my attempt at Summer’s last hurrah, I figured I’d go all out. Now I warn you, taking photos of this dip was a challenge and I really feel my photos don’t do it justice in the least. Despite its looks, I promise it will surprise you. The sour cream and cheese makes this dip creamy, the charred corn and veggies mixed with chipotle flavours give it a slightly smokey base. The caramelization of the corns natural sweetness balances the spicy peppers, cumin and hot sauce. To put it simply, this dip has it all. It also had loads of veggies so it’s healthy right? This recipe makes about 5 cups of dip, enough for a crowd of hungry people.

Charred Corn Dip

Spicy Charred Corn Dip


  • 4 ears of corn
  • 2 green onions
  • 2-3 jalapenos
  • 2 small bulbs or one large bulb roasted garlic
  • vegetable oil and tin foil

dip base

  • 1 pkg cream cheese (8oz)
  • 2 cups of grated monterey jack, for more heat use pepper jack or jalapeno cheddar
  • one small container of sour cream (250 mls/1 cup)
  • a few dashes of chipotle hot sauce or 1/2-1 chipotle pepper in adobo, minced
  • 1/4 cup of fresh cilantro
  • 1/2 tsp-1 tsp of garlic salt
  • 1 tsp of ground cumin
  • salt and pepper
  • salt and pepper


Open a package of cream cheese and add to a large-sized mixing bowl. Pre-heat your BBQ to medium-high.

Cut the tops off the garlic, brush with olive oil and wrap in foil. Husk the corn, and lightly brush everything with vegetable oil. Fill a medium-sized bowl with ice and enough water to just cover the ice. ***In my photos you will see one ear of corn that wasn’t husked, but for the dip make sure all the corn gets husked.


Place all the vegetables on the BBQ and grill. Green onions will only take 2-3 minutes, jalapenos will take 5-6 minutes depending on the size and the corn and garlic will take about 10-12 minutes. Try to get a good char on the corn for extra flavour.

As you take the jalapenos off the barbecue drop them directly into the ice water and cover. As long as you have charred the skin well, you should have no issues peeling it off. Remove the seeds and stem, and set the aside.

Charred Veggies

While the veggies cool, cream the cream cheese and add sour cream cumin, cilantro, garlic salt and chipotle hot sauce and mix well.

Grilled Green Onions and Jalapenos

Grate the cheese; chop the green onions, jalapenos and add to the cream cheese base.

Roasted Garlic

Express and mince the garlic; remove the kernels from the charred corn and add to the same mixture.  Season with salt and pepper.

Charred Corn

Do not add extra hot sauce at this point, this dip improves the longer it sits. I would recommend covering it and letting it sit in the fridge for at least 5 hours before eating (overnight would be ideal).

Getting your Mix On

Before you are ready to eat it, give is a good stir and adjust the heat level to your taste with more hot sauce or more fresh jalapenos. Garnish fresh cilantro, green onion or chopped fresh tomatoes. Serve with organic blue corn chips, flat breads, or pita chips.

Brimming with Goodness

I think this dip would work well heated. You could certainly top with more cheese and bake at 350 F for about 15-20 minutes broiling for the last few. If anyone tries it heated let me know how it turned out! Savour the last bits of summer and all the fresh produce!


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