Leonardo Chianti Fiasco 2011

I’m getting terribly excited about the upcoming Port of Wines festival that is happening in exactly two weeks (September 28th). Tickets are still available for sale, so if you haven’t picked yours up yet I would suggest getting a move on.

This year, they are featuring Italy (my favorite wine comes form this country, it’s also the country with the most varietals of grapes) and it will be the first time I’m bringing my Mom.  I know she will totally love it, if not just for the wine but for the Taste of Nova Scotia food offerings.

IMG_4999Leonardo Chianti Fiasco 2011

Each year when the festival comes to Halifax, the NSLC starts to bring in new wines from the feature country(also very exciting). As soon as tickets went on sale mid-August they were unpacking crates and boxes full of amazing Italian wines. I may have arrived a little prematurely but I managed to pick up this kitschy looking bottle for $17.99. It’s a Chianti, which usually are busting with cherry flavour and one of my go-to wine choices (I love me some sangiovese). I was advised by one of the employees who I usually go to with my wine questions, that a lot of imported Italian wine bottles used to come covered like this one pictured so people would not be able to tell the quality of the wine; see any sediment or judge the clarity. I then (of course) asked if it was a bad wine, he laughed and recommended I try it. I’m so glad I picked it up because this is my new favorite wine.

Leonardo 2011This Northern Italian wine is made in the town Leonardo da Vinci was born, in or around Florence. It’s a beautiful garnet colour and tastes of sour cherries. It actually a blend ( as are most chiantis) of sangiovese and merlot. This is a dry, light-medium bodied wine that is very easy  to drink and would be great for a casual Fall dinner of warm tomato based pasta dishes or pizza. It’s really a bright tasting red wine and does well by itself but complements earthy-yeasty flavors like Parmesan or Romano cheese or bread and rosemary. I have read up a little on this wine and most reviews I’ve read advise it’s better to drink it young than to store it. I’m not exactly sure on the science of storing wines but given it’s full-fruit profile and smooth drinkable style it’s most likely will become less flavorful over time.

ClarityI hope you get a chance to try this wine while it’s on the store shelves. Keep you eyes peeled for an influx of new wines in October as anything they were unable to sell during the show usually get temporarily stocked in separate stores around the city. I am hoping I’ll be able to do another massive review of all the wines I sampled at this years Port of Wines festival however if you need your fix now check out my review from last year which includes tips and advice if you have never been to a wine show.


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